Weird & Wonderful Animal Defences

This is it, your back is against the wall, it’s life or death. What do you do? Do you pull off your arm and run for it? Do you smear yourself in faeces? Or just drop and play dead? Nature, in its infinite wisdom, has created some truly fascinating and disgusting ways for inhabitatants of … More Weird & Wonderful Animal Defences

Amazing Species Profile: Secretary Bird!

Welcome to Bird Brained Science’s first Amazing Species Profile! For my first profile, I thought it only right to present my all-time favourite species of bird! Give it up, for the fabulous secretary bird! I had the pleasure of seeing these magnificent birds in South Africa during an undergraduate field trip and have been captivated … More Amazing Species Profile: Secretary Bird!

The Day Twitter Went to the Birds

Something ruffled the Twittersphere’s feathers today. Chris Hardwick, CEO of Nerdist and host of the late-night talkshow Midnight on Comedy Central, encouraged viewers of the show and Twitter followers alike to post their best bird-related celebrity puns with the hashtag #birdcelebs. Unsurprisingly, Twitter users took to this like a swarm of ants on a Photoshop … More The Day Twitter Went to the Birds