The Day Twitter Went to the Birds

Something ruffled the Twittersphere’s feathers today.

Chris Hardwick, CEO of Nerdist and host of the late-night talkshow Midnight on Comedy Central, encouraged viewers of the show and Twitter followers alike to post their best bird-related celebrity puns with the hashtag #birdcelebs. Unsurprisingly, Twitter users took to this like a swarm of ants on a Photoshop picnic, producing an endless stream of groan-worthy bird puns and nightmarish bird-human hybrids (see below).

Apparently, this isn’t the first time #birdcelebs has been a thing, as the search for #birdcelebs brought up historical tweets from 2013 and 2011, so maybe this is isn’t the last we’ve seen of these feathered figures of fame!

Here’s a handful of my personal favourites and a few of my own creation! Apologies for the nightmares!







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