On Recording a Podcast

A great summary of an upcoming episode of the Mendel’s Finches science podcast, featuring fellow PhD student Michelle Reeve and myself discussing our research, bio-inspired robotics, methods of science communication and the importance of acknowledging how working towards a PhD can affect mental health.

There's A Spider In The Bath!

Most people spend wintery Sunday evenings snuggled on the sofa in front of the telly, with a cup of tea clutched in their hands, trying to squeeze the last drops out of the weekend. But this weekend I, along with three other PhD students across the country, were instead huddled around our microphones. I was recording my first ever podcast episode!

Mendel’s Finches is a science and society podcast run by a few PhD students across the University of London, and they kindly asked if I’d like to be a guest for an episode all about biomechanics! I was to be joined by fellow PhD student Alex Evans, who does cool research on the biomechanics of bird flight at the University of Leeds, and has a rather good blog that can be found here. We’d actually met previously, at last year’s SEB conference, and had a good chinwag about all things blogging, Twitter, and science…

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