2017: The Rebloggening

Ahoy, all ye scienthusiasts! All aboard the new adventures of the Bird Brained Science blog!

Throughout 2016, my post rate on this blog dropped from a few posts a week to an embarrassingly slow crawl – partly due to my PhD workload, but also because I failed to arrange any sort of schedule and my planning process simply boiled away into thin air.



I have entered 2017 with a renewed enthusiasm to fill this blog to the brim with goodies, and I will be aiming to post regular updates in the same vein as my 2016 topics. However, I’m also going to be dipping my toes into a few new pools of intrigue… As well as continuing my previous species profiles and strange nature posts (and hopefully continuing our Australia vs England Bird-Off!), I’m planning some different types of posts that I hope you’ll also enjoy.

First, I’m hoping to try my hand at regularly producing some science-inspired webcomics, infographics or any interesting doodles that come to mind. I recently had the delight of tying the knot with my best friend of almost 11 years, and took the opportunity of our wedding to access my creative side and get stuck into the creative design and illustration aspects of the big day – I’ll be posting up some of my wedding work later on this week! (SPOILER: IT’S GOT BIRDS.)

Secondly, I’m hoping to organise a weekly wildlife photo-caption competition called Wild Wednesday. The goal behind this is to not only have a little mid-week animal photo fun, but also to highlight the amazing photographic work produced by amateur nature photographers.

Finally, I’m also laying the groundwork for a Leeds-based science podcast which I will be posting updates about on this blog, hopefully featuring the voices of a range of guests to discuss a little about the role that science has played in their lives, so keep your eyes and ears open for that!

So, to all my followers, thanks for your continued interest in my blog and you can expect an influx of more amazing species profiles, strange nature articles, a whole ton of birds and many more treats coming your way in 2017!

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