About Me & This Blog

Gather round science enthusiasts, or scienthusiasts, and welcome to the Bird Brained Science blog!

I’m Alex, currently a PhD student at the University of Leeds studying animal locomotion, primarily the biomechanics and energetics of bird flight. Hence, the bird-brained-ness of this blog! My interests also involve the study wider aspects of biology including genetics and plant science, but my passion is zoology and especially the study of birds.

I started this blog after attending my first scientific conference and witnessing first-hand the power of blogging and social media as tools for sharing and discussing new scientific discoveries and interesting trends in research. I also hope to incorporate my experiences as a young scientist in order to help guide those that may be considering a a degree or career in bioscience. It may also become a place for me to reach out and ask for your thoughts on a problem or interesting topic, so please don’t shy away from getting involved in discussion!

I’d like to thank two great fellow science blogs, There’s A Spider In The Bath! and flabbywhalefish, for inspiring me to do this!

And thank you for visiting my blog! Enjoy!


18 thoughts on “About Me & This Blog

  1. thanks for the follow alex, all the best with the phd (i’m trying to finish up mine this year)
    would you be interested in doing a collaborated blog australia/britain something a’rather? feeling a little inspired!!

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