Amazing Species Profile: Nautiluses!

Down in the depths of the Pacific ocean lives a group of creatures that has remained relatively unchanged for over 500 million years, that’s HALF A BILLION YEARS. To put that in context, Homeo sapiens have existed for approximately 2 million years and these guys were even bobbing around when plants began to colonise the … More Amazing Species Profile: Nautiluses!

The Great Commonwealth Bird Fight: Round 2 – Bantamweight

Winner of Round 1: Firecrest! With over 69% of the vote, England’s flyweight champion takes the first crown! Thanks to everyone that voted! Right, on to Round 2! This time, we’ve moved up to the bantamweight category (5-20g). There are plenty of eligible contenders for this round but after careful consideration, please welcome the European … More The Great Commonwealth Bird Fight: Round 2 – Bantamweight